Classes and Workshops:   If you have a few friends who would like to learn to knit or learn some of the finer points of knitting in the familiar atmosphere of your own home, perhaps a class/workshop could be arranged locally. Location is everything, so if you are local to the Almonte / Carleton Place area, contact us and we can explore the idea.

Class topics could include Lace Knitting, Socks, Beginner Knitting, Knit Your Own Project and others.

Classes and workshops are non-refundable.  Participants will receive a 10% discount* off materials and supplies for the duration or their class/workshop (*some exceptions apply).

All classes/workshops require a minimum of 4 participants.

Cost: $15.00/2 hour lesson, subject to location, topic of lesson and situation.

Instructor: Kelly.

All taxes are extra.